Girl on an adventure; pursuing her dreams and finding her way home.

Hi, I’m Bella!

Thanks for being here & joining me on this journey.

My biggest fear in life is being still. Being stuck, being stagnant, and never becoming the person God created me to be, whoever that may be, is possibly the worst thing I could imagine (I’m cringing just at the thought of it). My 2021 has been a year of so much self-discovery and growth, and I am so grateful for it. I filled my life with so many different responsibilities in an attempt to chase a version of ‘success’ I’ve had in my head for so long. The busyness of this year really got me reflecting on what things in life I truly value and how I should prioritise these things in 2022.

After burning myself out and wrestling with my values and priorities, I have decided it’s time to make meaningful and purposeful changes to how I live my life. I’m running from the mundane routine of life; the 9 to 5 job, the stressful nights of study, and the comfortable bubble of people and places I’ve surrounded myself with over the years. As we quickly approach the new year, it’s time for a new beginning, which means a new adventure, and I am so ready for it. My goal for the new year will be to have a year full of lifestyle changes. I want to create a life that I don’t want to keep running from. A life where I am not afraid to be still.

I hope this blog will be a part of that journey. I hope it will provide me with an opportunity to connect with different people in meaningful ways and allow me to shift my focus to the things I value and am passionate about, such as writing! This blog will follow me on my journey, as I run (hopefully in the right direction) and become who I was always created to be. The journey of becoming. It will be a space for me to capture the different places I explore, people I meet and random thoughts on topics close to my heart.

I hope you will come along on the journey and grow alongside me; it will be a fun adventure!

Keep becoming, 

B. x